How It Works For Businesses

Typical Sales Funnel

It takes 7 IMPRESSIONS on average before a customer chooses to click your call to action. Even the most successful marketing campaigns only have a 5% engagement, which means that 95% of your marketing effort is WASTED. People have become SKEPTICAL about new products and need strong reasons to BUY YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE. Even after all of this effort, 70% of transactions still FAIL.

Woorly’s Sales Funnel

Recommendations from people you TRUST are 5 TIMES MORE SUCCESSFUL than any other form of advertising. Recommendations from your customers for your product or services skip the need to prove their worth and KEEPS YOU FROM SPENDING VALUABLE DOLLARS MARKETING TO THE WRONG PEOPLE. Finally, Woorly creates a FEEDBACK LOOP for both customers and businesses that rewards new and existing customers for making EVEN MORE RECOMMENDATIONS.

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